How to Participate
Notice: Due to COVID-19 restrictions the garden is closed and in-person instruction at our site is suspended. 

How to participate in The Growing Good Initiative:

1. Teachers, Work With Us!

If you are a westside teacher, contact us to arrange for a class visit.  If you would like to integrate your visit with a specific teaching subject, we can help you develop a lesson plan using the garden as a learning tool.

2. For Westside Residents - Join us on Special Project Work Days announced throughout the year.

A few times each year we will announce special project work days for larger projects that require lots of people.  On these "kokua days", we may clear and replant a large section of the demonstration garden, install a new orchard area, or prepare for a large educational event.  Stay tuned for an online calendar for these kokua days!

3. Grow a garden at your home with our encouragement and assistance.  We focus on helping families with young children in the household.

4. Contribute to our Wish List.

If your time is very limited consider contributing items on our Wish List. 

Contact Us:

A Garden Grows in Kekaha

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8610 Aukuu Road

between Kiowea and Elepaio Rds.

Kekaha, HI  96752


Phone: 808-635-6145

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