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Partnering with Westside Hawaiian Homesteaders
Sharing Knowledge for Hawaiian Home Lands:

We believe that local westside farmers with hands-on experience in regenerative and ahupua'a-based agriculture are vital to the food security and physical wellness of west Kaua'i. 

Our westside Hawaiian homesteader community has been one of our key program partners. Local knowledge was shared between us, as peers. We were also able to provide ag assistance and resources when our homesteader community requested it. Together, we have learned a lot about our westside lands and what it takes to make the land thrive.

From 2010 to 2019 we helped our Hawaiian homesteader community to develop a Farm and Irrigation Plan for Hawaiian homelands at Pu'u Opae.  We continue to encourage the advancement of this Plan, peer to peer mentorship and resource sharing, and training needs when requested.


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